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Cincom® ObjectStudio® Places BPA into the Hands of Business Users

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Gathering the right information to ensure user satisfaction has always been a problem for Business Process Analysts, but not anymore—thanks to BPA (Business Process Analysis) for Business Users, powered by Cincom ObjectStudio, part of the powerful Cincom Smalltalk™ product suite.

BPA for Business Users, provides a common vision and greater insight into the business for all users. ObjectStudio places BPA into the hands of business users by providing a detailed, structured overview of the entire business—not just a high-level view of the most basic processes. IMAGINE what you could do with this vision!

  • Gain a greater understanding of your own processes and business performance
  • Give everyone in the company the same “window to the world”
  • Employ faster, more effective delivery of business process improvement
  • Visually depict business processes
  • Analyze a process’s match to business needs
  • Support change impact analysis
  • Evaluate performance with consistent cross-department metrics
  • Directly improve business performance (revenue, speed and customer service)
  • Increase communication and collaboration among your business units (as well as between management and IT).

Do you think BPA is still the exclusive domain of IT? Think again.

How BPA Has Traditionally Worked
BPA: No Longer IT’s Exclusive Domain

Traditionally, BPA has been the exclusive domain of IT. When a department within an enterprise needed an application, they’d call IT to create a model specifically for that group. According to Gartner, the trend toward providing (BPA) capabilities directly to business users acts as “a vital new bridge of communication” between business and IT. Instead of creating a separate model for each user, ObjectStudio allows the creation of one common business-oriented model for all disciplines across the entire enterprise. When everyone generates the same model, processes are visible to the entire organization, not just one group. This results in highly agile response times, increased productivity and greater competitiveness.

Cincom Smalltalk focuses on BPA—not just for application design, but rather for the purpose of understanding and gaining insight into how the business actually works—primarily from a businessperson’s perspective as opposed to the perspective of an IT application builder.

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BPA for business users powered by Cincom ObjectStudio