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Why Every Ruby Developer Should Learn Smalltalk

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Victor Savkin is a Ruby Developer at Nulogya leading provider of specialized solutions for complex supply-chain challenges.  He is also a programmer with extensive experience in web and server-side development.

Victor’s blog recently featured a posting titled, “Why Every Ruby Developer Should Learn Smalltalk.”  The posting discusses how it’s hard to ignore Smalltalk’s influence on what we do and use right now.  Although we can’t help but get excited about new technologies (and fun, new toys), we also need to be mindful of what brought us to this point—important, historical technologies such as Smalltalk.

Victor’s article lists several points that make Smalltalk interesting, including the Smalltalk syntax, the fact that Smalltalk is a minimalistic language, Smalltalk is more than just a language—it’s image-based, Smalltalk has awesome tools, and much more.

Victor also includes links to two implementations that he highly recommends.

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