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New Varvello Blog Offers Interesting Reading

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Davide Varvello wears many hats.  Currently an XP coach at 7Pixel, Italy’s leader in the comparison of online prices, Varvello considers himself a “software guy” who has been working in the IT world for the past 12 years. 

For Varvello, it’s all about “productivity”—he’s interested in anything that can improve it.  One of Varvello’s interests is Smalltalk and object-oriented programming among many other things. 

Varvello’s new blog, which is called “Varvello – On XP, Simplicity, Smalltalk, Agile, Programming,” is a colorful compilation of interesting articles, insights and opinions.  His writing style, sense of humor and IT experience make his blog definitely worth checking out.

To view “Varvello – On XP, Simplicity, Smalltalk, Agile, Programming,” click here.