Largest Provider of Commercial Smalltalk
Cincom is one of the largest commercial providers of Smalltalk, with twice as many customers and partners as other commercial providers.

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Cincom Smalltalk Receives Favorable Mention in Application Development Trends (ADT) Online Magazine

In a recent ADT (Application Development Trends) online magazine article, David Ramel discusses the tools, languages and techniques used in high-frequency trading (HFT). The article, which is titled “When Milliseconds Make Millions: Why Wall Street Programmers Earn the Big Bucks,” talks about aspects of HFT and how it basically involves building system capabilities that monitor and digest huge amounts of financial data, which results in significant time reductions.

The article discusses how “speed” can make or break a product and how it’s being sought after by programmers who are looking to make “the big bucks.” The article mentions languages such as Haskell, and of course, Smalltalk, and states how these languages can help programmers go from idea to deployment in under an hour―something that the financial industry greatly values.

On page 2, the article mentions Cincom Smalltalk and the great job it does, in particular, for trading houses.  Simply put, programmers can do the complicated parts in Smalltalk, and call C from Smalltalk for the parts where faster speed is needed, giving them the best of both worlds.

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