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Innovative Company Hits Stride with Visualization Technology

Local high-tech start-up, SageTea Group, is hitting stride with deliveries of innovative visualization technology to the Government of Canada.  Their new system, commercially known as “SageTeam Visualization” has had some rave reviews by experts in the Government of Canada.

Their conclusion: The technology is hot!

SageTeam Visualization is the embodiment of that old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. After two years of R&D, the company has developed an intuitive, easy-to-use way to efficiently visualize large amounts of data as dense graphics. They had early success with their product being used in high-level government reports such as Canada’s Fifth National Communication on Climate Change.

“A significant improvement over current graphing and charting techniques.” – Anton vanHeusden, Project Officer, Pollutant Inventories and Reporting, Science and Risk Directorate, Science and Technology Branch, Environment Canada

SageTea Group was formed in May 2007 and had early success with its launch of Phoenix Technical Support. Since then, the company has evolved Phoenix into providing a range of technical services and solutions for Government and B2B clients. SageTeam Visualization is their latest product solution. Third-party reviews are proving that SageTeam Visualization can lower operating budgets for cost-conscious Government of Canada clients, while delivering high-performance visualizations and graphics, as well as significant operational efficiencies through standardization and corporate knowledge sharing. The SageTeam package can be tailored to meet a variety of needs with modules for change management, workflows, and new customizable “Smart Parts” options. 

To ensure that SageTea Group can meet the growing need for its high-quality visualization technology, it has teamed with high-tech veteran Noramtec Consultants Inc., a company that has been providing high-tech solutions to governments and industry across North America for over 45 years. The two companies will be showcasing SageTeam Visualization at upcoming sessions at 440 Laurier Ave. West, Suite 200, Ottawa.

To attend the next showcase, members of the media and public are invited to contact:

Guy de Montigny B.Eng.
Noramtec Consultants INC./
Consultants Noramtec INC.         
(613) 782-2211
David Long
CEO, SageTea Group
(613) 722 2091 x 5