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Fun With Store Using Glorp

Smalltalk Solutions '11 in Las Vegas, NevadaOne of the presentations at Smalltalk Solutions 2011 in Las Vegas on March 14 – 16 is Fun With Store Using Glorp, by Samuel Shuster and Tom Robinson.

Since Cincom® VisualWorks® version 7.7, the Store Project has been moving away from its own hand-crafted database access to exclusively using Glorp as the database access system.

A whole new set of Store/Glorp objects are available to the user with a host of new capabilities. In this presentation, we will look at the advantages of using a Glorp-based system to access Store, the new Store/Glorp database objects, and some tricks that developers can use when working with the new Store objects and Glorp in general.

Sam is the project lead for the Store project for VisualWorks at Cincom Systems, Inc. He also leads the Code Management (CM) project, which covers Store as well as all code reading and writing (File in, File out and Parcels), and Overrides. Even with all that going on, he recently quit smoking.

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