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Cincom is one of the largest commercial providers of Smalltalk, with twice as many customers and partners as other commercial providers.

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Cincom Speakers at Smalltalk Solutions 2011

Smalltalk Solutions '11 in Las Vegas, NevadaWe are excited to have some of our own Smalltalk experts being represented as speakers at Smalltalk Solutions 2011:

Arden Thomas

Arden Thomas got started with Smalltalk in 1986 while looking for better ways to do software development. He is currently the Product Manager for Cincom Smalltalk™.  Joining Arden for his presentations will be Andreas Hiltner, an ObjectStudio engineer.

  • To view Arden’s Roadmap presentation, click here.
  • To view Arden’s Polycephaly presentation, click here.

Willow Lucas-Smith

Willow Lucas-Smith was the Lead Engineer on the Cincom® WebVelocity™ Smalltalk development environment.  He is an engineer for Cincom Smalltalk in general and contributor to many open-source Smalltalk projects.

  • To learn more about Willow’s presentation on Xtreams, click here.

Martin Kobetic 

Martin Kobetic has been a member of the Cincom Smalltalk development team since 2000, working primarily on various networking and security frameworks. Prior to that, he worked on TOPLink for Smalltalk (object-relational mapping) at The Object People. Martin presented a number of times at various Smalltalk events mostly on topics related to his work at Cincom Systems.

  • To learn more about Martin’s presentation on Xtreams, click here.

Samuel Shuster

Sam is the project lead for the Store project for Cincom® VisualWorks® at Cincom Systems, Inc. He also leads the Code Management (CM) project, which covers Store, as well as all code reading, writing (File in, File out and Parcels) and Overrides. Even with all that going on, he recently quit smoking.

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Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson works with Sam Shuster on Code Management and Store at Cincom Systems, Inc.  He is also responsible for making sure that 12,000 unit tests every week on each of Cincom Smalltalk’s supported platforms are completed.  Before being hired by Cincom, Tom worked for about ten years as a Smalltalk contractor on banking, insurance and investment applications.  His first Smalltalk project was an aerospace factory floor exception handling system written in Smalltalk/V 286.  Tom lives in the Crystal River valley of Colorado, about four miles from a 13,000 foot peak. His office features a wood stove.

  • To view Tom’s presentation on Glorp, click here.

James Savidge

James Savidge started his career when the college he was attending hired him to help students debug their programming projects. In his first professional Smalltalk project during the late 1980’s, he was part of a team on a “bleeding edge” project that tried to bring the power of Smalltalk to maintainers of legacy C and C++ code.  Despite the cancellation of that project, he continued to seek out other Smalltalk projects and worked with teams that used the environment for process and machine control, user interface design and implementation, e-Commerce, programmer development tools and business database systems. Along the way, he started the Smalltalk Jobs database and continues to be one of the volunteers who provide this free service to the Smalltalk community as a way to pay back all of the enjoyment he has gotten from using the language. His career has come full circle now that he is a Senior Technical Support Engineer at Cincom Systems, where he is helping customers debug their programming projects.

  • To view James’ presentation on debugging gems in Cincom Smalltalk, click here.