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Cincom is one of the largest commercial providers of Smalltalk, with twice as many customers and partners as other commercial providers.

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Smalltalk Digest: November Edition

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Website Features Cincom Smalltalk Digest Changes

The Cincom Smalltalk site is now featuring a new Cincom Smalltalk Digest page with a link to archives and a new logo. Click here to check it out.

Cincom Smalltalk Summer 2010 Release

The latest releases of the Cincom Smalltalk suite are out: Cincom ObjectStudio 8.2.1, Cincom VisualWorks 7.7.1, and Cincom WebVelocity 1.1. There’s a fair amount of new stuff, even though this is a point release. Click here for more information.

Smalltalk Solutions 2011 Call for Proposals and Venue Information

Smalltalk Solutions is back! The conference will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 13–16, 2011, and conference organizers are looking for proposals from those who are interested in making presentations at the conference. Click here for more information on submitting a proposal, and click here for venue information.

Introducing: New Cincom Smalltalk Spy Tool

Ever wish you had access to a spy tool that’s much like what Windows API programmers are familiar with? Well the next release of Cincom Smalltalk may have just what you’re looking for. Click here to read about the new Cincom Smalltalk spy tool.

Cincom Smalltalk Roadmap

Over the past year, a lot has happened with our products including three major product releases and two maintenance releases. For a synopsis of the changes that have been made within Cincom Smalltalk, click here for the Cincom Smalltalk Roadmap.

All Known ESUG Slides Are Now Available on SlideShare

All known ESUG Slides (all 254) are now available on SlideShare or as a pdf in the ESUG Archive. Up until 2000, there weren’t that many slides available, so if you have slides (especially from the early years), please send them to Marcus Denker of INRIA Lille in Nord, Europe.

Smalltalk Is Cool on Nabble!

We’ve been aware of it for a long time, but Nabble, whose goal is to improve public discussions on the web and provide useful embeddable applications to end-users including forums, user groups, message boards, mailing lists, photo galleries, newspapers, blogs, etc., has included Smalltalk in its list of “What’s Cool.”

Cincom Smalltalk Tutorial Page Expands

There have recently been several new additions to the popular and useful Cincom Smalltalk Tutorial page. Plans are in process for this tutorial page to be the main archive page of all tutorials. Click here to check it out.

New Product Pages for Cincom ObjectStudio, Cincom VisualWorks and Cincom WebVelocity

There are a new product pages for ObjectStudio, VisualWorks and WebVelocity featuring reorganized layouts and links. Click here to view the new ObjectStudio page, and click here to view the new ObjectStudio Tutorials page that accompanies it. Click here to view the new VisualWorks page, and click here to view the new WebVelocity page and its tutorial page.

Cincom Smalltalk Community Blogs

There are many blogs run by the Cincom Smalltalk Group now. Check them out by clicking here.

Smalltalk News Roundup

There’s been quite a bit of Smalltalk news lately. Click here to read all about it.

Don’t Miss Our New “Solutions” Section!

The Cincom Smalltalk website now has a new “Solutions” section that features information on Windows-Centric Solutions, Cross-Platform Solutions and Web Application Solutions. Click here to check it out.

Support Coaching Session 2: Upgrade Versus Migration

This coaching session is about determining if you are upgrading or if you are migrating your application. Click here for this interesting article.

“The Cloud” This and “The Cloud” That …

You’ve heard about it—the cloud. The image it evokes may show it peacefully floating high above the cares of the world. But what does this have to do with your business? Click here to find out.

The Benefits of Being in the Cloud


Learn more about how cloud computing can positively impact your business and your bottom line. Click here.

Where Cincom Fits in the Cloud

What is Cincom’s answer to the cloud computing question? Cincom WebVelocity. Click here to read more.


Testing Windows 7 in the Cloud

Click here to learn how Ellie Mae became an early adopter of a cloud-based lab for testing Windows 7.

Cloud Vendors: Comparison of Amazon EC2, Google, Skytap and VMware

When putting your systems in the cloud, a few options are available depending on exactly what you want to put there and for how long. Click here to read more.

Smalltalk Events in London

Our friends in the UK will be hosting several different events in London. Click here for more information.

Smalltalk Solutions 2011 — March 13-26, 2011

Smalltalk Solutions 2011 will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 13–16, 2011. Click here for conference details.

Update on Smalltalk Events

Click here for an update on Smalltalk-related events you may want to attend.