Largest Provider of Commercial Smalltalk
Cincom is the largest commercial provider of Smalltalk in the world, with twice as many partners and customers than all other commercial providers combined.

Tom Nies

Our Solutions

Business Process Analysis

Cincom Smalltalk is meeting the needs of business users by using this “BPA for the masses” concept. Cincom Smalltalk helps its users get a detailed, structured overview of their entire business―not just a simplistic, high-level view of their most basic processes. We help our customers by first understanding their terminology as it relates to their inventory. Then through an interview process, we help them to understand their businesses in a comprehensive way, making checklists and priorities. Once this is complete, we teach them how to simply model their processes to gain a better vision of their overall business structure so they can then hand that model to their engineers who map it to their IT infrastructures.

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  • To see a working demonstration of how ObjectStudio is used to evaluate business processes in creating a new business, click here.
  • To see how ObjectStudio is used to evaluate legacy business processes in an existing business and integrate them with new ones, click here.

Citizen Development

According to a recent press release that was published by Gartner, Inc., Citizen Developers will build at least 25% of new business applications by 2014.  With budgets dwindling and time being a precious commodity, end-users are forced to be creative in their ways of finding new business applications that get the job done while still being affordable; thus the idea to build the applications they need themselves.

Cincom Smalltalk is a cross-platform development and deployment technology that helps citizen developers build applications quickly and efficiently – from highly scalable web and web 2.0 apps to classic client/server systems. Smalltalk provides the safe, sanctioned environment that companies want – along with a powerful, easy-to-use platform that developers are passionate about.

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Concurrency and Leveraging Multi-Core PCs

The Cincom Smalltalk Team takes the performance needs of our customers seriously and addresses it on a number of fronts. Code and application performance is always an interesting topic, and for developers who have the right tools and knowledge, finding and solving performance bottlenecks can be highly productive and very rewarding part of application development.  Most developers find Cincom Smalltalk’s performance to be more than adequate, especially when compared to other dynamic languages thanks to our high-performance, JIT’ed (just-in-time compilation) Virtual Machine.  But what if you need more?

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Cross-Platform Solutions

Does your business application require a cross-platform solution?  Things such as:

  • Truly portable, building anything and run on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix platforms all with the SAME code.
  • Connecting with many API’s.
  • Using mail libraries to send or process email (POP, IMAP, SMTP).
  • Being secure with security and encryption protocols.
  • Support for your development process with powerful, flexible, RDBMS-based source code management.

These are some ways we help resolve cross-platform issues for our customers.

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Web Application Solutions Web Services

Each day, the web becomes more powerful and a larger part of our world.  Companies not leveraging the use of the internet will quickly fall behind any competition.  After assessing your business’ web application needs, are you seeking:

  • Security – If your application is not running, revenue is not coming in.
  • Scalability – The ability to scale and load balance your application easily, both on your own server and in the cloud.
  • Availability – The web is dynamic and having your applications available at all times is crucial.
  • Performance – The ability to tune your application configuration and use scaling to get higher performances.
  • Cost – In this tough economic climate, cost is often the most critical factor in application development and options for
  • Resources – Whether it’s load balancing and scaling, or the ability to release resources when needed, it is important to have as many resources available for your project.
  • Pay for what you use – Grow in the cloud as your business grows

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Windows-Centric Solutions

Microsoft Windows 7

Are you searching for a Windows-centric solution for your business application?  Things such as:

  • A Unified Modeling Language (UML)-compliant modeling tool.
  • Simple database (db) to user interface (UI) mapping with a mapping tool for relational database management systems (RDBMS).
  • A connection with COM.
  • The use of Active/X components.

These are just a few examples of how we solve Windows-Centric problems for our clients.

See some examples of our Windows-Centric solution.