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…and they are successful because we met the goals we set forth at the start. Cincom VisualWorks made those goals achievable.” – Becky Cooper, Deputy Director of Control Systems, Rudolph Technologies

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Cincom VisualWorks is an enterprise application development and delivery platform used by world-class companies. VisualWorks is elegant, productive and powerful and unsurpassed in interactive development.  It is a versatile Developer’s tool that is the benchmark for object-oriented development.  VisualWorks is dubbed the “Do Anything, Faster, Better” tool and is instantly portable across a wide range of platforms.

Cross Platform

Whether it’s web applications, web services, internet connectivity or database connectivity, VisualWorks includes a set of superior development tools with components for any type of work your team might contemplate. In addition, VisualWorks now includes best-of-breed tools such as the Refactoring Browser, “Live Code” interactive development and the Professional Debugger Package fully integrated with the product, as well as support for all  industry standard databases and Unit Testing Framework.

What’s New in VisualWorks:

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Cincom VisualWorks shares the Cincom Smalltalk Foundation with Cincom ObjectStudio. This Foundation consists of shared libraries, the virtual machine (VM) and other key components. To learn more about the updates to the Foundation, click here.

  • (New!) Text2 widgets (Preview) – Text2 is a very significant upgrade to the text capabilities. In this release, VisualWorks has three new widgets to give developers access to new capabilities for their applications. In future releases, Text2 will be used in the browser for both products and will provide new capabilities. Text2 will also have a very positive impact on internationalization capabilities.
  • UISkinning preview (native widget rendering on Windows, OSX)
  • Faster arithmetic operation on big endian platforms
  • Improved OSX keyboard bindings and menus

What You Get in VisualWorks:

  • Major improvements to WSDL 2.0 / SOAP 1.2 to handle updated protocols.
  • Store II improvements from Foundation.
  • Comparison Tool and Merge Engine
  • Project Launcher
  • Polycephaly Preview—Leverages Multi-Core computers
  • Internationalization—CLDR (Common Locale Data Repository) based, going from 14 locales to hundreds with Unicode standard.
  • Garbage Collection Performance Improvements
  • Xtreams
  • Major improvements to the 64-bit platforms.
  • Major improvements to COM—Allows us to more easily integrate Windows capabilities into VisualWorks applications.
  • COM ActiveX—This framework for component reuse on Windows platforms allows us to more easily integrate Windows capabilities and their interfaces into VisualWorks applications.

“After using VisualWorks…for over a month I am impressed by the great improvement VisualWorks has made and all previous bugs now have gone. It’s the best IDE I’ve ever seen for native language programming. Thanks a lot.”
– Jim G.



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