30% of the worldwide market
of shipping containers is controlled by Smalltalk systems.

Stéphane Ducasse, Director of Research INRIA Lille

Cincom® ObjectStudio®

What’s New in ObjectStudio:

It is our pleasure to bring you the current release of Cincom ObjectStudio 8.8. Cincom continues to provide high value and low cost with a rapid return on investment at low risk. Both ObjectStudio and Cincom® VisualWorks® share the same core libraries and foundation.  This means foundation improvements improve both products.  This release has very significant and meaningful upgrades for the foundation and for each product.

Windows 10 Certified

Next Generation UI

  • Latest features of Windows® native widgets
  • No primitives
  • All Smalltalk using FFI (DLLCC) -> Win32 api
  • Support for jpg, png, gif and tif
  • Access to GDI+ features including gradient brushes and alpha blending

Advanced Next Generation UI-Based Launcher

  • Designed to streamline your workflow
  • Central, convenient access to frequently used items

Advanced Source Code Editor Including:

  • Full theming system (code highlighting and much more)
    • 27 themes provided
    • User customizable
  • Code critic feedback
  • DSL support
  • Annotated feedback
  • Fully leverages Text2
  • Auto-complete

Advanced Auto-Complete

  • Including Auto-complete API for customization

Powerful Object Modeling

The ObjectStudio modeling tool integrates the design of complex business objects generation, presenting a high-level, business-like interface that delivers user-friendly tools for working with objects. The object modeling tool supports case analysis, event diagramming, CRC cards and notations, including industry-standard UML. Read the Cincom ObjectStudio 8.8 readme file for detailed release information. The readme contains AR’s short descriptions and support resolutions addressed.