The VisualWorks package provides
one of the best software development environments. Lam software engineers have been able to focus their efforts on the control functionality or control enhancements that provide a product differentiation for the Lam 300mm equipment.

Cincom Smalltalk™ Academic Portal

Meet Jacob. Like you, he’s a student currently studying programming at a university. The Academic Personal Use License is perfect for these types of studies and other class projects. Then, once the project is done, the Academic Project Submission is a perfect way to promote that project and demonstrate the real-world implications of the application that was developed.

What Are the Options?

Cincom Smalltalk Academic Program

Smalltalk is recognized by the education community as a superior language for teaching students about high-quality systems and object development.

Try Cincom Smalltalk Academic Version

Our software is free for you to use personally for your studies or research projects, but does require a form to be filled out to receive the link to download it.

Academic Project Submissions

As a college or university student, have you created a class project using Cincom Smalltalk? Do you want others to see your work? Submit your project to us and let us help you get the word out.

Academic List

The Cincom Smalltalk Academic Program is currently being used in a number of colleges and universities.  Here is the list of those institutions.

Teaching Smalltalk Globally

Here is the list of Educational Institutions around the world using Smalltalk.