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Tom Nies

Wisconsin Delinquent Tax System

Cincom Smalltalk Helps Wisconsin Collect Delinquent Taxes

One of the world’s oldest professions, collecting taxes, received a facelift in the state of Wisconsin. The state’s Department of Revenue is responsible for processing and auditing taxes, including sales, withholding, income, corporation, and other tax types. To ensure the state receives its largest source of revenue, the state developed the Delinquent Tax System (DTS) to replace a legacy system developed in 1970.

Built with Cincom ObjectStudio, the Wisconsin Delinquent Tax System (DTS) is used for all aspects of delinquent collections—hearings, agreements, levies and filings. It automates tasks that previously were handled manually by field agents and the central office. The Smalltalk-built DTS has led to increased productivity, improved information availability, overhead cost reduction and standardized case treatment—all of which enables this department to do more, and do it faster.

Department of Revenue IT managers investigated several development environments before selecting Cincom Smalltalk; they were impressed with Smalltalk’s code reuse and DB2 database. Ongoing maintenance has also proven to be easier and less labor-intensive than anticipated, now requiring only the part-time attention of a few programmers.

We can issue new versions as quickly as anybody might want them. Compared with using COBOL and CICS, maintaining object-oriented applications is much easier. With ObjectStudio, the benefits and the ease of use are really there.
Larry Lowden, application development manager at the Wisconsin Department of Revenue

And that ease of use has translated into real productivity gains,

In the last couple years, we’ve been much more successful at meeting our collection goals. I can say that the Delinquent Tax System has certainly helped our efforts.
Vicki Siekert, director of compliance in the Department of Revenue, Division of Income, Sales, and Excise Tax

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