Largest Provider of Commercial Smalltalk
Cincom is one of the largest commercial providers of Smalltalk, with twice as many customers and partners as other commercial providers.

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Making the Smart Choice to Use Cincom Smalltalk for Your Business

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Quick Start Guide to Object-Oriented Programming in Smalltalk

Risk is always a concern for business leaders. One bad decision could result in a loss of revenue, resources or personnel, or even the premature closure of their business. One of the things that keeps business leaders awake at night is this responsibility. They are responsible for making decisions that generate enough revenue to keep their employees employed and provide for their families, all while moving the company forward and remaining competitive. recently put out the “12 Risks in Software Development,” siting multiple risks in software development and how they can be mitigated. One issue is low productivity:

“… Sometimes, software development teams may struggle with productivity, which can happen because of delays, employee burnout and many other factors.”

With this being such a critical issue for business leaders, minimizing risk in any decision is a top priority. There are numerous programming languages for application development available in the tech market. In an effort to mitigate the risk of low productivity, business leaders should seek a platform that can reduce delays and see their developers enjoy their work, among other things.

Cincom is one of the world’s largest commercial providers of Smalltalk. Whatever type of application you require, the Cincom Smalltalk suite of tools assists you in creating value with the least amount of risk, highest productivity and the quickest return on investment.

For software development, Smalltalk cuts the complexity while accelerating your company’s potential for profitable growth. This simple development tool helps you create value at the lowest possible risk and assures you of the fastest return on investment.

What is the source of Smalltalk’s high value? Arden Thomas, Product Manager for Cincom Smalltalk and a long-time Smalltalker, says:

“Smalltalk had a massive research and development investment in time, iterations and careful development, to create a language that is easier to use and understand. Smalltalk generally allows solving a problem more succinctly, and clearly, which allows less code to solve a problem.

“Less and clearer code is easier to understand, maintain, and costs less over the life cycle of a software application. The research and development investment in Smalltalk is likely unrivaled by any other language.”

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