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What Developer Events Are Coming Up?

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One year ago, nearly all of the world’s events either cancelled or postponed indefinitely, in light of a pandemic we knew little about.  Fast-forward a year in time and we currently have protocols and practices in place that allow us to function in a more safe way as a society. At the beginning of the pandemic, most businesses were hit hard, as social distancing and curfews kept people inside and away from the public. Now, we have learned how to safely navigate this virus and its spread, together.

As society continues to adjust to this ever-changing climate, virtual events have become the “new norm” and the standard across most industries.  In the Smalltalk community, it’s been fascinating to see how in-person meetings have adapted and grown. Please take note of these future meetings and their medium for delivery:

  • March 31, 2021 (VIRTUAL) – UK Smalltalk User Group Meetup
  • April 14, 2021 (VIRTUAL) – California Smalltalkers Meetup
  • October 17-22, 2021 (Chicago, Illinois) — SPLASH 2021 (ACM SIGPLAN conference on Systems, Programming, Languages, and Applications: Software for Humanity)Will also be co-located and co-hosting (online) the following conferences and symposiums: 
    • OOPSLA 2021 (Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Languages and Applications)
    • APLAS 2021 (Asian Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems) 
    • DLS 2021 (Dynamic Languages Symposium)
    • GPCE 2021 (Generative Programming: Concepts & Experiences)
    • SAS 2021 (Static Analysis Symposium)
    • SLE 2021 (Software Language Engineering)

You can monitor other future meetups and conferences as well as any changes to their scheduling on our Events page here.