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AppeX: a Lightweight, Web App Framework

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For Cincom Smalltalk, AppeX is our very lightweight and flexible modern web application framework.  With AppeX, you get the most current web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, Ajax, JSON and XHR to name a few. AppeX is open and uses any JavaScript libraries you like, as well as automatic session management.

AppeX allows you to manage Smalltalk and JavaScript code within Cincom Smalltalk and provides browser support for JavaScript, which allows you to search senders/implementers and parse JavaScript literals.

“AppeX allows developers to utilize and integrate current web frameworks with a stable,
object-oriented business domain built in Cincom Smalltalk.”
– Arden Thomas, Cincom Smalltalk Product Manager

As demonstrated by the need above, many developers (Smalltalkers included) want to get involved in web development. However, a common misconception is that developers might think that Smalltalk and JavaScript don’t play well together, or that the mindsets are incompatible. We are here to tell you, nothing could be further from the truth!

Smalltalk and JavaScript go together like … beer and bratwurst, lox and cream cheese and chocolate and peanut butter.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • AppeX manages your JavaScript code versioning.
  • AppeX allows you to build client-side JavaScript in an object-oriented manner. In practical terms, this means defining JavaScript “classes” and creating “instance” methods on them.
  • What you write in the JavaScript function template is the JavaScript you get in the web browser!
  • Developing in AppeX is a good way to hone your JavaScript skills while leveraging the Smalltalk IDE.

If you would like additional information about AppeX and JavaScript, check out the videos, presentations and articles below: