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Have You Seen the Smalltalk Balloon Lately?

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“With millions of people being forced to stay home and work, many have found creative ways to virtually stay social through happy hours, trivia nights and birthday parties. And Zoom, one of the dozens of video conferencing services, has quickly become the top driver for this media consumption.” –

According to and data from Apptopia, Zoom’s daily active user count was up 378% from 2019, while monthly active users were up 186% from the end of 2019, indicating that the rush of new users could be largely due to the ballooning work-from-home trend brought about by COVID-19, rather than traditional business growth.

So what does this have to do with the Smalltalk Community?

The Verge recently published a story about what movie producers are doing now to promote their properties. Movie posters and billboards are useless right now, so marketing teams all seem to have come to the same solution: Zoom backgrounds

The Smalltalk balloon is a very iconic symbol, not just within the Smalltalk community, but in the larger developer community. Even developers who don’t use Smalltalk recognize the universal symbol (check out this tweet as an example).  Because it’s so recognizable and also an easy object to place within many scenes, the Cincom Smalltalk team began creating PC, mobile and Zoom backgrounds for our social media platforms with the legendary Smalltalk balloon in it.  

Are you interested in checking out these other backgrounds to use yourself? Go to our Twitter account to see these and others.