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Who Should Use the Academic Personal Use License Version of Cincom Smalltalk?

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This time of year is when students of all ages typically begin the next year of their educations.  Whether it’s small children in elementary school or university students, the months of August and September are when the institutions of higher learning open their doors for eager students to begin the next chapter of their educations.

To learn about the Cincom Smalltalk Academic Personal Use License (APUL), watch this short video of Suzanne Fortman, the Cincom Smalltalk Program Director and Engineering Manager:

Another program we are highlighting this month is our internship program. Students who use our software in their classes make some pretty amazing applications for their student projects. These students have a completely different perspective of the Smalltalk programming environment and could provide valuable insight that could benefit enterprises in many ways. Because Cincom is the leading provider of commercial Smalltalk and we have many enterprise customers, we can offer this program as both a resource to the student, as well as another valuable benefit to our customers. Listen to Suzanne talk about that program here: