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The Stack Overflow 2017 Survey Is Now Open!

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Two years ago, I noted that Smalltalk was not represented in the annual Stack Overflow developer survey, and committed to try and change that. We were partly successful – Smalltalk was noted on the 2016 survey results (good), but unfortunately the survey closed soon after we got the word out (bad).

This leaves us with an excellent opportunity this year – if we get in early with more results in this year’s survey, it not only shows the interest in the language we love, but also shows a growth in survey responses that mention it. All positive for anyone with an interest in Smalltalk.

I’m happy to report that the Stack Overflow 2017 survey is now open!

In the 2017 Stack Overflow developer survey,  Questions 39 and 47 give us an opportunity to mention Smalltalk.

39. Which of the following languages have you done extensive development work in over the past year, and which do you want to work in over the next year?

Smalltalk is in the list! I selected it for last year and future.

47. Which development environment(s) do you use regularly? Please select all that apply.

Consider selecting “other” and write in the Smalltalk environments that you use, and “Smalltalk”.

example:   VisualWorks / ObjectStudio / Smalltalk

To access the Stack Overflow survey, please click on the following:

NOTE: Please fill-out as soon as possible as the survey will only be open for a short time and could close imminently.