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Important Dates for #ESUG16

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Below are some important dates for the conference:

July 1 — Early Bird Registration

For more information on cost to attend and to register for #ESUG16, click here.

August 21 — Camp Smalltalk

The #ESUG16 Camp Smalltalk will be held prior to the conference at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Czech Technical University.

August 22-26 — The 24th Annual ESUG Conference

The #ESUG16 conference/summer school will be held at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Czech Technical University. The Faculty of Civil Engineering is conveniently located close to the metro station Dejvická. This area is not full of tourists and it has good restaurants and nice hotels. It is situated within an 18-minute walk to the Prague castle area and four stops away from the historical center.

August 23 — International Workshop on Smalltalk Technologies

The IWST organizing committee welcomes contributions on all aspects, theoretical as well as practical, of Smalltalk-related topics such as:

  • Aspect-oriented programming
  • Design patterns
  • Experience reports
  • Frameworks
  • Implementation, new dialects or languages implemented in Smalltalk
  • Interaction with other languages
  • Meta-programming and Meta-modeling
  • Tools

Best Paper Award

To encourage the submission of high-quality papers, the IWST organizing committee is very proud to announce a Best Paper Award for this edition of IWST. Sponsored by the Lam Research Corporation, the prizes for the three best papers are: 1000 USD for first place, 600 USD for second place and 400 USD for third place. The ranking will be decided by the program committee during the review process. The awards will be given during the #ESUG16 conference social event. The Best Paper Award will take place only with a minimum of six submissions. Notice also that to be illegible, a paper must be presented at the workshop by one of the authors and that the presenting author must be registered at the ESUG conference.