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Major Update of Roassal

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Roassal is a visualization engine that’s made to visualize pretty much anything. Roassal offers a visualization template (called Builder in the Roassal jargon) to easily draw charts including pie, polymetric views, geographical maps and much more.

Roassal offers mind-blowing animations. Visualizing, animating and interacting with your objects is now trivial. To view a short trailer about Roassal running on VisualWorks, click here or watch below:

Documentation is under construction, however, the Agile Visualization book deeply describes Roassal from a Pharo point of view (click here).

Roassal runs on Cincom VisualWorks 8.0 and on earlier versions under OSX and Windows® (we have not tried to run it under Linux). Roassal requires SUnit and Cairo to be loaded. Loading the RBSUnitExtension parcel then loading Roassal2-full from Cincom Store should be enough to enjoy Roassal at its best.

Note that apparently some definitions in the Cairo Graphics Kit are not loadable (CGK.CairoActionButtonView). However, this will not impact Roassal at all.

Roassal is released under the MIT license.

As an appetizer, here is a screenshot:


The Object Profile Team would like to thank their sponsors and contributors for making this happen and for enabling a great part of their fun!