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Plans Are Underway for Vancouver Island Camp Smalltalk

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Plans are underway to determine a meeting place, accommodation options and transportation logistics.  However, these plans heavily depend on the number of people who are expected to participate.

If you’re interested in attending, Camp Smalltalk organizers would like to know your interests, needs and limitations regarding your stay as well as any ways that you would like to contribute.

Transportation Options

There are several ways to reach Vancouver Island, including:

  • Plane/float plane via Nanaimo, Victoria and Comox
  • Ferry via Nanaimo (Dukepoint, Departure Bay) and Victoria (Swartzbay/Downtown)
  • Bus (Greyhound) via Nanaimo
  • Car by Ferry

When you notify the Camp Smalltalk organizers that you are interested in attending, please let them know which transportation method you prefer to reach the island and if you might be able to pick someone up at one of the transportation hubs listed above.

Contact Information

To notify Camp Smalltalk organizers that you are interested in attending, as well as to supply them with the additional information requested above, visit

About Vancouver Island

Located in British Columbia, Canada, Vancouver Island is the largest island on the western side of North America, and the world’s 43rd largest island. Although the city of Vancouver is located on the North American mainland, Victoria, which is the capital of British Columbia, is located on the island. Vancouver Island offers something for everyone including museums that showcase the native culture, contemporary festivals and local events, fishing, golf, kayaking, canoeing, whale watching, parks and trails as well as year-round history and art events and a variety of first-rate entertainment venues.