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Köthen Entrepreneur, Georg Heeg, Re-elected as Executive Director of STIC

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Last year in Phoenix, Arizona, STIC celebrated the 30-year anniversary of Smalltalk. Despite this long time and the many technologies raised in that period, Smalltalk has not lost any of its initial benefits and is still the most elegant way of expressing reality models as computer programs. The result can be seen in Köthen Castle where Smalltalk controls the interactive displays of the new exhibition, Adventure World German Language.

STIC is a volunteer organization headed by the three major Smalltalk vendors: Cincom Systems, Instantiations and GemTalk. Suzanne Fortman, Smalltalk Program Director and Manager of Cincom Smalltalk™ Engineering, said,

“Over the past seven years, we’ve seen growth in the Smalltalk community and in our Smalltalk business with Georg as the Executive Director of the Smalltalk Industry Council.  We look forward to additional growth with Georg infusing his passion for Smalltalk and knowledge of industry and business into STIC.”

Mike Taylor, President/CEO of Instantiations, added,

“We look forward to the continued growth of STIC and the Smalltalk industry with Georg’s leadership.”

Richard Sargent, Business Development Manager at GemTalk Systems, LLC concluded by saying,

“GemTalk Systems is grateful to Georg for his hard work and dedication to Smalltalk. The continuity that his re-election provides benefits us all.”

The next joint activity of STIC and its board members will be its presence at ESUG 2014, the European Smalltalk User Group Conference, which will take place in Cambridge, England in August 2014.

Georg Heeg
STIC – Smalltalk Industry Council Executive Director
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