Largest Provider of Commercial Smalltalk
Cincom is one of the largest commercial providers of Smalltalk, with twice as many customers and partners as other commercial providers.

Tom Nies

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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your PC?

Companies have been using concurrency in their development for a while now. But going all-out into concurrency can be difficult. As your use of concurrency goes up linearly, the complexity goes up exponentially. In other words, the more you use concurrency, the harder it gets. Concurrency doesn’t just add complexity, it multiplies it. We have a solution to that problem—MatriX.

An Introduction to MatriXPart of the Cincom Smalltalk™ Foundation, MatriX is a simplified way to get “big gains” with “little pain.” MatriX is a framework that lets you easily leverage multi-core processors. Many customers have adopted this solution and have experienced the following results:

  • Two to five times throughput improvements
  • 80 percent of the benefits with 20 percent of the difficulty

Click here to learn how MatriX can help you leverage the most from your multi-core PCs.