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ESUG 2013 Focus: Agile & Lean @ MediaGeniX

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Agile & Lean @ MediaGeniX  Maïkel Vandorpe and Marija Janovska

TIME: Monday, September 9, 3:30 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.

As a company, MediaGeniX has been growing ever since it was founded in 2002. In 10 years, they went from a company of five people to a company of over 100 people. MediaGeniX believes in being agile and delivering added value to the customer as soon as possible. To do this, they apply agile principles to their software development process. They started with practices from Extreme Programming then later experimented with SCRUM and Kanban. Nowadays, they are moving toward Lean. This talk will give you an insight at what worked for them and what didn’t and more importantly why it worked.

Biography: Maïkel Vandorpe was introduced to Smalltalk in 2004 when he joined MediaGeniX. There he started as a software engineer where he had the opportunity to work on large and smaller projects. In addition to helping build and improve the current development environment within the company, he had the pleasure to introduce a dozen new developers to the wondrous world of Smalltalk. Nowadays, Maïkel is responsible for best practices and good processes within Software Engineering as a competence manager.

Biography: Marija Janovska is a software developer and technical lead at MediaGeniX. She has six years of software development experience and has worked on various projects within Microsoft development environments. Since 2011, Marija has been using Smalltalk professionally, having a special interest in the development of mobile applications. She has experience with the whole software lifecycle, using SCRUM and extreme programming.

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