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Cincom is one of the largest commercial providers of Smalltalk, with twice as many customers and partners as other commercial providers.

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Cincom’s New Native GUI for Windows – A Technical Overview

In this overview, Andreas and Dirk will compare the existing GUI architecture of Cincom ObjectStudio to the new and improved GUI framework. They will demonstrate new widgets and features, show you examples of code for the new framework, and will compare and contrast interfaces built in the current and the new GUI framework.

Who should attend:  Cincom Smalltalk™ users and anyone interested in Smalltalk integration with native widgets on Windows platforms.


Andreas Hiltner
Andreas Hiltner is currently the lead VM engineer for Cincom ObjectStudio, in addition to having a hand in most aspects of base image and database development. He works from home near Nuremberg, Germany, where he just recently returned after spending five years with his family in the US at Cincom’s headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. Along with many contributions to ObjectStudio over the years, he was the project lead in Cincom’s development of the current 8.x versions of ObjectStudio, based on Cincom® VisualWorks®.  Andreas is a seasoned architect who has specialized in ObjectStudio for over 15 years. In his years of working with Cincom he has had the opportunity to assist key Cincom Smalltalk™ users worldwide including one of the world’s Top Five financial institutions and several government agencies. Recently, Andreas accepted the responsibility of being the Lead Engineer for the GUI Project of ObjectStudio.

Dirk Verleysen
Dirk Verleysen has 24 years of experience working for various industrial and consulting companies and doing projects in different Smalltalks (Cincom ObjectStudio, Cincom VisualWorks, Smalltalk/V and VA Smalltalk). Dirk has consulted for many companies including Fabelta Ninove, Infosoft, Sanpareil, Roots, KBC Asset Management, Argo and ADP. Dirk joined Cincom Systems, Inc. in 2008 as lead developer for the Modeling and Mapping Tools in ObjectStudio. The Modeling Tool allows a business architect to design and generate the framework for a software system using a powerful UML-based tool. The Mapping Tool connects Smalltalk objects to relational databases easily, using object-relational mapping technology.

If you have any comments or questions regarding the presentation or video demo, you may contact either Andreas or Dirk.