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2013 Cincom Gold Sponsorship

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As a Gold Sponsor, Cincom will have a prime spotlight in the Microsoft Dynamics business community this year to showcase Cincom Total®─the only knowledge-enabled business management system built on Microsoft Dynamics.

“Cincom strongly believes in the great opportunity provided by the GISV partnership with Microsoft and has agreed to be a Gold Sponsor at Microsoft’s largest business conference─Convergence,” stated Tom Nies, CEO of Cincom Systems, Inc.

Convergence is an annual conference that attracts a worldwide community of customers, partners and ISVs to gather, share best practices, learn from one another and forge a strong network of business relationships. As the only manufacturing partner to be recognized as a Global ISV, Cincom’s role at Convergence will be critical.

Convergence 2013 will attract nearly 15,000 international prospects, customers, partners and Microsoft employees. Attendance is estimated to be up 27 percent from last year.

In 2012, Cincom’s attendance at Convergence as a Bronze Sponsor generated close to 150 leads for CMBS and CISS. However, as a Gold Sponsor in 2013, Cincom will be mentioned in the keynote address, provided with a larger booth space near the center of the Microsoft pavilion and will be granted a one-hour session during the conference to present to its audience the launch of Cincom Total.

“This conference is the beginning of something big for Cincom,” said Dave Schwarber, Managing Director of CMBS. “It is the official beginning of our GISV program, which promises to bring significant revenues into Cincom over the coming years. This is also the official launch of our Cincom Total solution. It is our time to shine, and we will provide a light that showcases Cincom, its people and our solutions.”

For the past 44 years, Cincom has maintained its reputation as a leading global software provider. Convergence 2013 will be an exciting opportunity for Cincom to launch Cincom Total.