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STIC’12 to Enlighten Attendees on “Google Dart”

A few months ago Google introduced Dart, and last month Google registered a number of Dart-related domain names, so the fact that Dart was “in the works” is no surprise.

Curious to learn about Dart firsthand? Well if you plan to attend STIC’12, you’ll be able to start right away! They’ll be kicking things off with a Dart keynote.

Obviously at this time, we don’t know a lot about Dart, but given the fact that Google has already launched another language (Go), which is very “C-like,” we can safely assume that Dart will be something different.

Several of the people working on Dart have roots with the Smalltalk community including:

  • Gilad Bracha who worked on Smalltalk in the middle of the 1990s and then on the specs and implementation of Java at Sun,
  • Lars Bak who works on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine today and also worked on Smalltalk and Java, and
  • Eric Clayberg who worked at Instantiations and is now with Google.

You don’t want to be kept in the dark about this exciting new programming language.  Stay tuned for more details as to who, what and why Dart, and join us at STIC’12 as we find out all of the Dart news as well as everything Smalltalk!