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The Smalltalk Industry Council to Begin Academic Advisory Council

The Smalltalk Industry Council has recently posted:

The Smalltalk Industry Council is pleased to announce the kick-off of a new Academic Advisory Council at the upcoming Smalltalk Solutions 2011 on March 13-16 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This program is designed to promote Smalltalk education and community growth by creating year-round programs that will enrich the community and build interest for Smalltalk.  Our plan is to meet with those currently involved in Smalltalk academics and create programs that support the community throughout the year.  We’re launching this program at Smalltalk Solutions 2011 and look forward to growing the council, expanding the programs and feedback from the community. Currently, these individuals have volunteered to be a part of this Council:

  • Roger Whitney – San Diego State University
  • Ralph Johnson – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • David West – New Mexico Highlands University

For questions about this program or your interest in being a part of it, please contact Suzanne Fortman at