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John McIntosh At Smalltalk Solutions ’11

John McIntosh
John McIntosh

One of the keynote speakers at Smalltalk Solutions ’11 on March 13-16 in Las Vegas, Nevada will be John McIntosh.

John McIntosh lives on Vancouver Island, Canada. He has spent the last 15 years working on numerous Smalltalk projects; most notably the Squeak/Tweak based “Sophie” app for the Future of the Book. John has recently stepped down from a ten year tenure as the official builder and maintainer of the Squeak Macintosh Virtual Machine. He is responsible for porting Squeak and MIT’s “Scratch” application to the IOS platform.

John is currently working on various IOS-related projects. Several of his Smalltalk-based applications are available in the Apple App store. John’s most recent efforts resulted in discussions with upper-management at Apple Inc. and were directly responsible for bringing about company policy changes to allow virtual machines and interpreters into the store.

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