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We want to show the world how efficient Smalltalk has always been. We have numerous success stories and customer quotes that demonstrate that.  However, we want to show off more…and let people know about your story at the same time.  We would love to give current examples of our existing customers’ efforts to make this world a better place while making their lives more efficient with Smalltalk.

Take, for example, Alfred Wullschleger. Alfred decided he was going to improve the heating control in his home in an effort to make it more efficient. His goal was to make it run smoother and save energy by minimizing the mixing entropy of the heater.

Alfred designed an interface to the hardware (Minilab1008, which was supplied by the manufacturer) via DLL. The heat control and user interface was done in Smalltalk. He created a process that read the sensors, calculated the tvcalc and set the actuators once every second. He also made sockets for remote operation. The heat control was done on a board near the heating boiler. This board had a user interface for local use. The same user interface was also remotely available through socket communication. Because of this, Alfred could use any computer in his LAN to control the system. In simulating the hardware, he used an energy flow model that ran ten times faster than the real system.

At the end of his project, Alfred concluded that Smalltalk was a wonderful environment to develop in. He said that a constant truth over all his projects in the last 16 years was that Smalltalk allowed for quick development. Using a combination of hardware decisions, electronics and Smalltalk, he surmised, is a lot of fun!

Want to see Alfred’s plan in action?

  • Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation of his Heat Control.
  • Click here to see the video of his presentation at ESUG 2008.

Alfred Wullschleger is just one example of how people are using Smalltalk to better this world. We know you have a story to tell, too. Here’s your opportunity to have your voice (and contact information, if you know what we mean) heard by people all across this globe.  Don’t be shy.

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