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The Smalltalk Technology Conference Travels to London

London, the capital of England and the United Kingdom, is the largest and most populous municipality in the European Union.  London is teeming with a diverse range of people and culture, having more than 300 spoken languages within its boundaries. On Tuesday, March 2, the Cincom Smalltalk STAR Team was in this great city presenting the Smalltalk Technology Conference of 2010.

The concept of these conferences began last year and debuted in both Minneapolis, Minnesota and Cologne, Germany.   We felt it was important to bring Cincom and Cincom Smalltalk to the people, instead of people having to come to us.  After seeing the success last year, it was only natural for us to plan for such a technologically-driven and culturally-diverse city like London. These conferences are geared for both Smalltalk-savvy developers and strangers to Smalltalk, demonstrating the uses of each product, as well as helpful illustrations of how we are helping our customers be so successful. In addition, we will have our entire Product Management team on hand to answer any questions that our attendees may have.

Suzanne Fortman, the Product Director for the Cincom Smalltalk STAR Team, lead off with introductions.  The next three sessions were product-focused.  Arden Thomas, the Cincom Smalltalk Product Manager, discussed how our successful customers are using ObjectStudio®.  Andreas Hiltner, one of our lead engineers, followed with a presentation of ObjectStudio 8.2, demonstrating the modeling and mapping tools found in the new release.  To learn more about ObjectStudio 8.2, click here.  Arden came up next with a presentation about VisualWorks® 7.7 and another on WebVelocity™, relating each to their varied uses.  He also gave a demonstration of WebVelocity, while James Robertson, the Cincom Smalltalk Product Evangelist, demonstrated VisualWorks.

The conference in London ended with a presentation by Georg Heeg, the Executive Director of the Smalltalk Industry Council (STIC).  Georg presented the “Past, Present and Future of Smalltalk”, sharing some incredible incite into the exciting world of Smalltalk.

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If you’re interested in having one of these events in your area or in having Cincom Smalltalk at another event, please contact Jeremy Jordan, the Cincom Smalltalk Marketing Manager.