Largest Provider of Commercial Smalltalk
Cincom is one of the largest commercial providers of Smalltalk, with twice as many partners and customers than other commercial providers.

Tom Nies


Cincom® ObjectStudio® Application

AGIS develops, sells and integrates modularly built standard software (OPENService) for CATV-Operators (cable), Internet Service and Telco Providers (telecommunications companies). The software supports the entire range of business services for leading firms that bundle TV, Internet, telephony and similar services, including promotions, service provisioning, invoicing and customer payment. OPENService helps to promote, sell and bill all broadband products, from quote to cancellation to contract renewal.

OPENService is used for:

  • Mass and single invoicing.
  • Provisioning of DTV, Telephony and Internet as well as ATV administration.
  • Devices and article administration.
  • Management of the CRM process chin from market analysis, to quote and contract care.
  • Management of debtor accounts including reminders and transfer of the data to the financial accounting (e.g. SAP, ABACUS) as well as to the management information system.
  • Net-/real estate administration from the headend to the outlet.
  • Third Party Billing (OPENService is multi-client capable).

OPENService is the leading solution in Switzerland and is marketed as well in Germany and Austria. As a central BSS (Business Support System) OPENService integrates the most important OSS systems (Operational Support System) via standard provisioning interfaces for automatic connection and disconnection and for the monitoring of services such as DTV, Telephony and Internet. Subscribed services such as calls, downloads, number porting costs etc. are imported via interfaces, packed, evaluated and presented on multiple levels. The technological and commercial flexibility guarantees high security as well as independency.

AGIS also offers services around individual software development in connection with ORACLE databases. Customers profit from the vast consulting and development experiences which AGIS made in the Billing and CRM field. AGIS fulfills customer needs in the area of the future-based computer science technology. Together with their customers, AGIS works hard to reach the strategic goals and accompanies their customers competently and independently in new projects.

AGIS focuses its marketing activities on the target markets of Switzerland, Germany and Austria. AGIS is a regional supplier with international partners and contacts. Thanks to the proximity to customers and the knowledge of the local market needs, AGIS can optimally supply their products and services for the market of tomorrow.

AGIS focuses on its core capabilities and partnerships. For this reason AGIS offers a wide range of interfaces to other products. Therefore, AGIS can offer in all sectors “best of breed” solutions for its customers. Their software’s front end takes advantage of the object orientation of Cincom ObjectStudio. OPENService is scalable from small systems up to distributed solutions with hundreds of workstations and millions of invoices.

We appreciate Smalltalk’s clear object orientation, along with its tremendous stability. The class browser and especially the ability to integrate add-ons during runtime are important assets. Smalltalk enables us to be very flexible and immediately adapt to the latest market requirements.
Leo Zgraggen, CEO, AGIS