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Tom Nies

Tutorial: GLORP for Beginners (ESUG’14)

The target audience for this hands-on tutorial is those with little or no GLORP experience (but more-experienced people who are willing to pair-program with beginners are most welcome). The tutorial will help participants to start using GLORP in their own applications. Participants will create a simple GLORP descriptor system for a domain model, then they will generate a database from it, incorporating some existing legacy. They will write and read between the database and their domain model using GLORP commands. The issues of transactions, caching and refreshing will also be addressed. The skills taught will generally parallel with those taught in Roger Witney’s GLORP course (not all of it, of course, for reasons of time). Anyone who knows the material that is covered in Witney’s GLORP course need not attend, unless as a refresher. This tutorial’s exercises will diverge from Roger’s course in the following ways:
  • The tutorial will use more modern (more terse) GLORP protocol.
  • The tutorial will provide additional context for the example work such as where a particular piece fits into GLORP, how GLORP makes it work, etc.
  • The tutorial will address some items that Roger leaves open such as “I have not tried that,” “No idea what this does,” etc.).
  • The tutorial uses a different (hopefully, slightly more interesting) domain example than the (all too common) person, address, etc. The domain example will help students understand the more complex material that’s included in the GLORP talk later in the week. (One of the tutorial’s motives is to make the later talk accessible to the whole ESUG audience—GLORP-experienced and GLORP-newbie alike.) After the talk, interested students can make arrangements with the presenter to hold follow-up GLORP “how to” sessions during lunch breaks and other out-of-hours times—either one-on-one or in larger groups. The tutor will be demonstrating GLORP in VisualWorks driving a PostgreSQL 9.3 database.
  • A tutor will assist any student who requests it, so that they may obtain this specific setup before the tutorial starts.
  • All students will need a GLORP installation and GLORP-capable database, or they need to be pair-programming with someone who has one.