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Tom Nies

PRESENTATION: JasperReports from Smalltalk: Industrial Strength Reporting – Giorgio Ferraris

JasperReports is a java only very popular Report Generator  that doesn’t need presentation, being the world’s most popular open source  reporting engine. Coupled with IReport Designer, a fully featured report designer, you have a powerful industrial grade reporting system With a little java knowledge it’s possible to define strategies for using  it from Smalltalk in a way that is independent from the Smalltalk idiom that is used, so you will have the possibility to utilize all of the strength of this system. This presentation will show you one of this possible approaches, that is based on the creation of a java web server (with minimum footprint) dedicated to the reporting task and on a small set of classes and methods on the Smalltalk side for calling that server (or those servers, if you need power and load balancing) The presentation will go also a bit into the Java side (knowing the enemy is always a good strategy…), just to allow anyone to be able to eventually make small extension to the server. Presentation will be done using VisualWorks, but the portability to other dialect should be a matter of minutes. At the end of the presentation the complete source code of the java server and a running version of the server will be given to attendee, and obviously the accompanying smalltalk source (but I suppose the latter will not be as needed as the former…).
  • To download Giorgio’ presentation, click here.