PackageDescription: Windows Goodies

Windows Goodies

Last published: March 11, 2015 by 'wenk'

Defines 14 Classes
Extends 18 Classes

This parcel provides a few goodies for those using VisualWorks on any of the MS-Windows Operating systems.

Those goodies are:

1) The ability to raise a printer dialog so that you can allow a user to decide what printer to use. See the class side method #example1, of RequestingPrinter to see how this is done.

2) The ability to start the registered application for a particular file extension. This is done with Using a minimal interface to the shell32.dll.

It provides a minimal interface to shell32.dll (only those that do not require COM). The basic bits that you get acces to are using ShellExecute() to invoke the appropriate application for a known file extension and file-drop from the windows explorer (and other applications that do file drop). For the ShellExecute() stuff, see the class side of WinNTShellInterface, or open up a new filebrowser and check out the 'Open' menu option on a selected file. For the file drag and drop, open up the old FileBrowser and drag some files to it.

It also overrides a few methods, so take care to check the overridden exstensions after loading.

3) There are a few extensions to the Win95SystemSuppot for determining disk space usage. Note, this doesn't work for Windows 95 (but it might work for post OSR2 Win95 releases).

4) A minimal wav file player

5) A native dialog for choosing a directory