PackageDescription: Windows ColorDepth Workaround

Windows Color Depth Workaround

Last published: January 16, 2007 by 'bobw'

Defines 1 Classes
Extends 9 Classes

If you are running VisualWorks on one of the MS Windows operating systems and change the color depth that the operarting system is currently displaying than the following error can occur:


This problem is known internally to Cincom as AR 47438 (Image crash when changing color depth on windows).

This package overrides some system classes to work around the problem. Cincom is providing the package pre-loaded it VisualWorks 7.5. Hopefully, in 7.5.1 or a future release these changes will not be needed or they will have been integrated into the Base VisualWorks bundle in some other form.

If you do not plan on deploying or running on any of the MS Windows operating systems, you can unload this package.