PackageDescription: WidgetryWrapper Demo

Widgetry Wrapper Demo

Last published: September 18, 2007 by 'chaider'

Defines 6 Classes
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This package uses [WidgetryWrapper] to demonstrate embedding Widgetry Forms in Wrapper SubCanvases.

Open the demo application with:
WidgetryInWrapperDemo open

You will see an old style ApplicationWindow with 3 panes:
- the listbox at left top contains some Widgetry examples which you can set from the menu 'Samples'. Selecting any item will embed the respective Widgetry application or panes into the right pane. The list has a pop-up menu with an action to open the selected Widgetry Form as stand alone Widgetry window so that you can compare the behavior of the pure Widgetry application with that of the embedded one.
- the listbox at left bottom contains the panes known to the KeyboardProcessor (this is not always updated properly)
- the right pane contains the embedded Widgetry Form.

In the menu 'Looks' you can select different looks. But only the embedded Widgetry Forms will react to this. For the old stuff it is just too complicated to do so for this experiment (to explore, look at implementers of #reInstallInterface).

Unfortunately, there are not many examples for Widgetry applications around. To populate the examples list, I used the Widgetry tutorials (package [WidgetryHowTo] which is also a prerequisite of this package) and methods used by Sames as workspace work. The tutorials will show up when the window is opened (I only left out a few which deal with Menus, since they wouldnt show up embedded). The workspace work is filled when the {WidgetryTesting} bundle is loaded. With 'Samples>>other', I used some of my applications. Unfortunately I cannot publish most of them because they depend too much on my environment. I did, however, publish a little Sudoku thingy and an icon viewer as example for simple Widgetry apps. If you load [Widgetry Sudoku] and/or [Widgetry IconsView] from the public store, you can see them being embedded.
Also I embedded a Form without UserInterface containing only a Grid (item 'just a Grid').

If you want to embed your own UIs or Forms in the demo, look at the method WidgetryInWrapperDemo>>otherUIsReferences for inspiration.

Do wantever you want with it, but dont sue me :-) I will not take any legal responsibility for it.