PackageDescription: Widgetry IconsView

Widgetry Icons View

Last published: September 18, 2007 by 'chaider'

Defines 1 Classes
Extends 3 Classes

IconsView displays the icons of an IconLibrary or cursors in a transient view.

Open with
IconsView listIcons
IconsView toolbarIcons
IconsView cursors
(IconsView on: ) openInterface

Wishlist (if I ever get back to it - for me its helpful enough as it is)
- Tooltips to replace the stupid text field at the top
- add GroupBoxes and organize the icons by package
- add as submenus to the popup menu of a coding view and insert the selected icon into the code

Do wantever you want with it, but dont sue me :-) I will not take any legal responsibility for it.