PackageDescription: WebKit-COM-Definitions

Web Kit - COM - Definitions

Last published: February 13, 2020 by 'thomasb'

Defines 5 Classes
Extends 13 Classes

This package contains the WebKit.COM namespace and general abstract classes for the COM implementation for WebKit.

Some overrides to COM system classes were necessary to use an own ExternalInterface class and an own namespace for the COM classes.

Additionally some helper system extensions are included.

The classes are generated from webkit.h through class WebKitToolsApplication.

This version was generated from following webkit.h in svn revision 184707:

/* File created by MIDL compiler version 7.00.0555 */
/* at Tue Jun 02 20:00:05 2015
/* Compiler settings for ..\..\win\Interfaces\WebKit.idl:
Oicf, W1, Zp8, env=Win32 (32b run), target_arch=X86 7.00.0555
protocol : dce , ms_ext, c_ext, robust
error checks: allocation ref bounds_check enum stub_data
VC __declspec() decoration level:
__declspec(uuid()), __declspec(selectany), __declspec(novtable)