PackageDescription: WaveLoadBalancer

Wave Load Balancer

Last published: February 8, 2003 by 'seanw'

Defines 12 Classes
Extends 12 Classes

This parcel contains sub-components for the VisualWave load balancer. It provides a round-robin load-balancing policy and a redirection load balancer. WaveLoadBalancer can be loaded stand-alone in a VisualWave server, and used without Opentalk or the reporting framework. The load balancer provides a framework for user-defined load-balancing or redirection policies.

Note: this parcel should not be loaded alone. Instead, load either the WaveLoad-Client parcel to setup a load-balanced client, or the WaveLoad-Server parcel to setup a load-balancing server.

See the "Web Server Configuration Guide" for more information.