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Vocab Test

Last published: September 22, 2006 by 'stevek'

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Learn a foreign language in a year, with just one session of a few minutes a day!

Do "VocabEditor open", answer which languages you will be using, then enter some words or phrases (about 10 is good).
Press Test to be tested on them.
The words and your results will be saved to vocab.txt.
Each time you are tested, you will be asked all the new words you just entered, plus some old words.
If you get a word wrong, you will be asked it next time too.
If you get a word right, you will be asked it in the 2nd test from now. If you get it right then, it reappears in the 4th test from then, then the 8th test and so on.

Backup copies of vocab.txt are made to .bk1, unless it is <7 hours old. When .bk1 is 7 hours old, it is copied to .bk2. When .bk2 is 7*7 hours old, it is copied to .bk3. This continues up to .bk7 after 98 years :-).
See VocabEntry>>printOn: for the format of vocab.txt.

Author: Steven Kelly,