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Last published: June 4, 2010 by 'mkobetic'

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This package provides the ability to generate UUIDs in various formats, including dce, version1, version4. It does not currently support microsoft, NCS, version2, version3 or version5 UUIDs. There are hooks to be able to call out to operating system level UUID generators, but these are not yet implemented. This implementation is based on the Leach, Mealing, and Salz draft (LMS), which expires on 01 June 2005. (The UUID drafts have never reached approval, and the specification, such as it is, has lived on as a succession of drafts.) It is also based on the OpenGroup 1.1 RPC specification for the backward-compatible DCE UUID.

There is a single distinguished UUID generator per image, which can be accessed as UUIDGenerator default. However, the typical API is to send the UUID class a generation message, e.g. "UUID version1", or "UUID dce".

You can also ask either a UUID or the UUIDGenerator for the #next UUID, treating it as a stream. This will give a value in the default implementation. The default default is #version4.