PackageDescription: UILooks-MacOSX106

UI Looks - Mac OSX 1 0 6

Last published: June 16, 2015 by 'stevek'

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UILooks-MacOSX106 provides the Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard look & feel. It adds the following changes and corrections to the vanilla 7.7.1 Mac OS X L&F:

* Mac windows use light gray as background rather than white
* Mac menu bar, toolbar and dialog background use window background color rather than pinstripe
* Mac background is gray but most widgets with user-entered string content have a white background
* Mac tables have gray background for column and row labels
* All Mac menus have a white background
* Use Windows 7 (multi)selection tree on Mac OS X if available, otherwise use the generic selection tree
* Mac specific font underline position
* Default menu item height set to Mac default (= 19 px)
* Mac specific table decorator
* Bug correction: Menu Button label text spread outside button boundaries
* Several corrections on how Mac OS X widget set behaves on Windows
- the following elements were drawn empty as white rather than as a grayscale image:
- scroll bar 'thumb' when disabled or window does not have focus
- button on right in combo box and menu button
- if reinitialized: disabled slider, checkbox, radio button
- Each pixel in the images was being drawn as a diameter 2 circle 1@1 offset from the desired pixel. Displaying circles is an inefficient and risky way to fill a pixel; changed to display a rectangle border.

Please note that the following packages - while not exactly being pre-requisites - may be helpful when using this this package: