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Techzilla SS

Last published: July 24, 2007 by 'xeo123'

Defines 21 Classes
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Techzilla is a program that holds information about defects (bugs) in software development.

The program has four types of users, with the following privileges. Each rank can do everything that the types below it can, but not vice versa:
* admin (add/delete users, set user types, add/delete projects)
* manager (reject bug reports, delete bug reports, add a new dev, remove a dev)
* dev (submit bug reports, search bug reports, be assigned a bug report for fixing, mark a bug report as fixed)
* cust (submit bug reports, receive outstanding bug reports and rejected bug reports)

There is an overarching system which holds all the information in Techzilla. Then, under that, there are lists of projects (which contain lists of bug reports) and lists of users. Each project knows the users associated with it.

For charts to work, the BGOK parcel must be installed.