PackageDescription: System-Announcements

System - Announcements

Last published: June 14, 2007 by 'sames'

Defines 8 Classes
Extends 9 Classes

This package contains the class-based event notification framework superseding the older symbol-based triggerEvent framework and the changed/update mechanism.

The primary interface to it covering most common use cases are extension messages in the Object class. For a high-level description, see the class comment of Announcement class. Announcement class is another "user-level" class, typically used as a superclass of user's announcements.

SubscriptionRegistry and AnouncementSubscriptionCollection would never or very rarely be directly created by the user, however the user might get their already made instances and use their API for more advanced announcement handling tasks. Other classes in this package are internal to the implementation.
Vassili Bykov, December 2005