PackageDescription: Swazoo(Bundle)


Last published: January 13, 2015 by 'niallr'

Swazoo (Smalltalk Web Application Zoo) is an open source, vendor agnostic,
dialect neutral Smalltalk HTTP server with resource and web request
resolution framework. Swazoo is currently supported on Squeak, Pharo
VisualWorks and Dolphin Smalltalk. Currently its main features are:

* virtual site support
* clean web request resolution framework
* static web serving
* input streaming of HTTP requests (for large file uploads)
* output streaming (chunking) for responding large files and for Comet
* WebSocket support
* Gzip compression

Quick installation steps are:

1. load bundle or parcel Swazoo
2. In a workspace doIt SwazooServer demoStart
3. in your browser open http://localhost:8888

More about Swazoo on its website:

Happy Swazoo-ing from your Swazoo team :)