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Last published: November 3, 2003 by 'jamesr'

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This package contains the code for the Cincom Smalltalk Survey App. The application is extremely simple - it builds a survey form based on a textual question file like this:

Survey Topic Here
q=+What do you think?
q=-Do you think?

The "+" indicates a multiple choice question, using radio buttons. The "-" indicates a single choice question, using check boxes. If a choice of "other" is given, a multi-line text field will appear there.

Answer parsing is done by comma - this should really be changed.

The following SSP files are assumed:

SurveyMain.ssp (creates the questionnaire)
SurveyResults.ssp (creates link page for results, depends on backSurveys.ini - see SurveyFileInformation)
SurveyAnswers.ssp (answers for an incoming survey)
SurveyGraphAnswers.ssp (graphed answers for incoming survey)
SurveyLatestAnswers.ssp (answers to current survey).

SurveyStorage contains most of the api code