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Super Super

Last published: September 25, 2007 by 'tgriggs'

Defines 1 Classes
Extends 2 Classes

I add the method 'super' to all behaviors. Said method creates a transient "trampoline" object which causes future messages sent to it to be lookedup up at 1+ it's superclass chain. This makes:

super yourself

equivalent to:

self super yourself

So why do it?

Because you can then do:

self super super super yourself

That would start 3 superclasses up. What about this example though?

super super yourself

We aim to please here, we're able to determine the original super invocation and so that is equivalent to

self super super yourself

It wasn't my intention that this be used in production code probably. I wrote it for some prototyping I was doing and as a demonstration of Smalltalk SuperPowers (not my superpowers, Smalltalk's SuperPowers).

--Travis Griggs