PackageDescription: StoreforGlorpReplicationTest

Storefor Glorp Replication Test

Last published: April 23, 2009 by 'BaseSystem'

Defines 2 Classes
Extends 7 Classes

This package contains tests for Store replication using StoreForGlorp. These tests need:
- package SUnit loaded, which it will already be if the tests use SUnit, but might not be if they have been reparented to use SUnitToo.
- administrative access to a target Store database, in which to publish and replicate bundles. This target database will be periodically emptied so must contain nothing else of value
- ordinary access to a source Store database containing the following bundles
and packages
The Cincom open repository contains these and is a usable source database. Running all the tests over a network can take time; replicating the above packages to a local source database is faster.

The tests are set up to get the source database from method localStoreSession and the target database from method laptopPostgresSession, both of which are called in StoreWritingTest>>setUp. Add methods for your own databases and edit setUp. The target database must also be listed in method trashableRepositoryNames.

Use testNotReallyJustDeleteEverything to clean up the target database if it is left in a messy state by a failing test.